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Family Photos

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Barbara Brown Koons (1935-2021) oldest daughter of Scott and Ann Brown


Howard Scott Brown and his older sister Lucille

Howard Scott Brown

High school graduation picture



Scott Brown with daughters Barbara and Linda

Barbara and Linda, 1940's

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Anna von Endt Brown played the violin from the time she was a young child until shortly before her death at age 94.  She played in the Mansfield Symphony for decades

Anna von Endt and her father August


Hugh Maurice Brown grew up on the Brown homestead east of Lexington, Ohio.  Before opening Brown's Soda Shop in 1918, he owned two prior businesses: Brown Brother's Hardware in Loudonville (1895-1905) and the H.M. Brown Grain Elevator (1905-1917) in Mechanicsburg.

Scott Brown grew a beard once in his life; for the 1958 Mansfield Sesquicentennial

Barbara Brown Koons (right) and her mother Anna von Endt Brown

on the front porch of the family home at 143 Rae Avenue, about 2001

Bust of Scott Brown as a young man

Artist and date unknown

Richland County Historical Society

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