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Descendants of Robert and Sara Ledlie Brown


Robert and Sara Ledlie Brown had 8 children and adopted a 9th.    They are listed below in the order of their birth. Click the name for information on the descendents of that child.  


The information on this page is based on internet resources such as,,, and  It is not independently verified. Information will be updated on a regular basis as new information is discovered or provided by viewers.


Ancestors of Robert and Sara Ledlie Brown

According to websites such as,, and, both Robert and Sara have ancestral lines that can be traced back well into the Middle Ages.  The information in these sites is frequently updated.  The accuracy of the information is not verified; it is simply a summary of information available on the internet.    The Maxwell, Stewart, Lusk, and other family lines from Scotland are identified. 


These records imply that the children of Robert and Sara are direct descendants of Scottish King Robert II, (1316-1390) founder of the Stuart Dynasty, and other Scottish, Irish, and Viking royal lines.   Only a small fraction of lines have been traced.

Family Trees of the Ancestors of Robert and Sara Ledlie Brown


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The Longevity of the Homesteaders

The graph below summarizes longevity information for Robert and Sara Ledlie Brown, their 8 children, and 33 of their grandchildren.  Excluding infant death, the average lifespan during these three generations was 78 years. The most likely age of death was between 80-85. 

Click here for a higher resolution PDF of the image below.

Longevity of the Browns 230605.jpg
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