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Documents and Photographs

Scott Brown's ancestors Robert and Sara Ledlie Brown homesteaded east of Lexington Ohio shortly after the War of 1812.  They had 8 children and adopted a ninth  Below are links and photographs of historical importance.   The founding of the homestead is discussed in detail in Scott Brown: Cartoonist.   

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for more pictures of the Brown Homestead

History of Brown Family cover.jpg

A History of The Brown Family

by Mary Gailey Brown

Delivered at the 1908 Brown Family Reunion

Click Here for full PDF.

Map of William Ledlie's land in Kings Creek sold to Robert Brown on May 29, 1829 for $1.

The land was originally granted to Ledlie in 1783

GPS 40.450818, -80.596622


Robert Brown Ledlie Kings creek map.jpg
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