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The Browns: An American Family
Christopher A. Kuntz
copyright 2022
Turas Publishing

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The first half of The Browns weaves the biographies of pioneers Robert and Sara Ledlie Brown into the fascinating story of the early Euro-American settlement of northern Ohio after the War of 1812.  The narrative is filled with lively historical detail and eyewitness accounts. The Browns also looks further back, exploring the story of our Scots-Irish ancestors and Robert's immigration, and forward to the Civil War experience of Robert Carson Brown, and life on the Brown Homestead in the consequential year of 1870.

The second half of the book focuses on Scott Brown and his father, Hugh Maurice Brown.  Scott Brown was a well known cartoonist and soda shop owner in Mansfield, Ohio.  For 50 years, Brownie served up the "world's largest, coldest and best chocolate soda" while publishing cartoons in the New Yorker, Saturday Evening Post, Colliers, and many other magazines and newspapers.   The book contains over 100 color images from museum archives and private collections.  Many of these pictures have never been seen before by the public.

Cartoons from Scott Brown can be found on display or archived at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum at Ohio State University, as well as three museums in Richland County:  The Richland County Museum, Mansfield Memorial Museum, and Richland County Historical Society. 


More information on Scott Brown is available on Facebook: The Scott Brown Project.



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Courtesy of the Richland County Historical Society

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