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3. William Ledlie Brown

Underlined names contain links to external resources such as and  Location of burial is shown in green if known.  For living descendents, location is shown in orange if known.

. William Ledlie Brown (1822-1902) findagrave + Elizabeth Ritchie Brown (1831-1870)

            1.Robert Carson Lexington OH       1851-1854 (infant) 

            2. Anna Elizabeth Brown Cleland Lexington OH  1852-1946 + William Harvey Cleland

                         1. Della Cleland Palm (unknown) 1880-1967 + James Arthur Palm

                                 1. Arthur Cleland Palm Mayfield Heights OH 1907-1989 + Eleanor Garnet Berghoff Palm

                          2. Roy Ritchey Cleland Lexington OH 1882-1958

                          3. Hoyt Harvey Cleland Lexington OH 1885-1966

            3. Frank Ledlie Brown Olathe KA    1857-1915 + Mary Nettie Ferguson Brown    Findagrave.  Obituary

                        1. Victor C. Brown 1883 + Bertha Gibbs

                                    1. Margurite Charlotte 1913-2003 + William Edward Gottman 

                                                note: 2012 W.E. Gottman obit: 10 grandchildren 18 great grandchildren

                                                1. Vickie Charlene 1942 +Jerry Hitt (divorced) 

                                                            1. Gregory Allen Hitt                     1962 

                                                            2. Marla Christine Hitt                   1964

                                                            3. Dana Leigh     Hitt                   1970

                                                 + Earl Waterson (Vickie Charlene 2nd husband)

                                                            4. Darcy Dru Waterson                  1975

                                                2. Linda Elaine 1945-2001 + David Kuhlman (divorced)  ? No grandchildren

                                                Linda died June 25, 2021


                                                            1. David Scott     Kuhlman 1968 + Jeanne xx

                                                            2. Michelle Lee Kuhlman 1970 + Matt Neuweg

                                                            3. Stacy Lynn Kuhlman 1971 + David Hurt

                                                3. William Christian Gottman 1949 + Janet Elaine Ayers

                                                            1. Regina Camille Gottman                        1972

                                                            2. Alexander Christian Gottman      1978

                                                            3. Maxwell Ayers Gottman             1981

                        2. Clinnie Brown 1889 (infant)

                        3. Harley Leigh Brown 1889-1942 + Frances Kriep.   

                                    1. Frank Lee Brown 1910 (Hawaii) + Loretta G. ?  (see notes below on Frank)

                                                1. Merrily M Brown b?

                                                2. Myles L Brown b ?

                                    2. Vernon Harley Brown (infant)

                                    3. Kenneth Benjaman  Brown 1912 (infant)

                        4.  Hugh Morris Brown 1892-1955 m. Clara May Curry 1892.  

                                    1.  Geneva Muriel Brown 1914-1996 + Ernest Gill 1931(1st husband, died 1958)

                                                                        + Fermin Himrod (2nd husband)

                                                                        all children are from Ernest Gill

                                                1. Doyle Ernest Gill 1932-1980 Long Beach CA + Vivian Dee Wallace (divorced 1975

                                                            1. Pamela Ann Gill           1950 (adopted) + Dwight Fitzgerald

                                                            2. Karen Gill                    1948 (adopted) + Clifford Candler

                                                                        1. Douglas Anthony Candler           1971

                                                            3. Janet Lee Gill   1965

                                                            4. Brian Scott Gill 1969

                                                2. Eva Theresa Gill 1933 + Donald LeRoy Mclanaham

                                                            1. Debra LeAnn Mclanaham           1953

                                                            2. Larry Eugene Mclanaham          1955

                                                            3. John Michael Mclanaham          1957

                                                            4. Geneva Marie Mclanaham          1960

                                                            5. Shelley Rene Mclanaham           1962

                                                3. Jo-Ann Gill         1934 + Harold Raymond Hardwick

                                                            1. Mark Raymond Hardwick 1955

                                                            2.  Dana Mattew Hardwick             1957

                                                            3.  Linda Ann Hardwick     1954 + Thomas Richard Buckheit

                                                                         1. Joseph Raymond Buchheit  1973

                                                4. Hugh Walter Gill  1938 + Patricia Ann Bell

                                                            1. Gregory Scott Gill         1959

                                                            2. Steven Ernest Gill         1961

                                                            3. Lori Kathleen Gill          1963    

                                                5. Cheryl Lynn Gill  1943 + Robert Harm

                                                            1. Robert Ernest Harm      1963

                                                            2.  Michael Alan Harm      1966




Homesteader Frank L Brown was a “prominent stockman” whose farm was 7 miles south of Olathe.  His wife Nettie (1861) later in her life lived in Indianapolis


Son Hugh Morris Brown was an LAPD police office


Grandson Frank Lee Brown (b 1910) was a lawyer practicing in Honolulu.  He arrived in 1944 so would have witnessed Pearl Harbor. Later he was involved in the postwar Pacific as governor of Rota in the Mariana Islands in 1947.



            4.William Ritchie Brown Olathe KA Findagrave 1920 census1855-1926 + Fannie Helena Brown    

                        1. Roy Clinton Brown 1901 + Catherine R. Heien 1915

                                    1. Bobbie LeRoy Brown 1934-  + Judy Lynch

                                                1. Richard Allen Brown 1968-1983

                                                2. Catherine Brown 1972

                                    2. Frank Lee Brown 1940- infant

                                    3. Ronald G. Brown 1943- + Dona Carter

                                                1. Rona Denise Brown 1965 + Dave Payne

                                                2. Chad David Brown 1968 died Jan 13, 2022

                                                            + (divorced)

                                                            Daughter Caitlin Brown 

                                    4. Helena Brown + Larry May

                                                1. Jaquetta Rose May                   1963                 + Mark Brewer


                                                            1. Jacqueline 1982

                                                2. Renita Ann May                                   1965

                                                3. Janite Lynn     May                              1969

                                                4. Dewayne Lee May                                1971

                                    5. Raymond Brown (possibly Raymond Ritchie Brown- If so, then:

                                                + Mary Avery (divorced)

                                                            Philip Jarvis                    1973    

                                                + /terry McCall (divorced)

                                                            Tobby (stepson)


                                                + Jane White

                         2. Ritchie Raymond Brown 1907 + Opal I Slusher       1989 obit “4 grandchildren”

                                    1. James Ritchie Brown 1944 + Shirley Zook 1947

                                                1. Jamie Renee Brown      1976

                                                2. Mindy Sue Brown                     1979

                                    2. John William Brown 1948 + Robin Lynnette White  plus 2 children

                                    3. Nancy Sue 1950 + Al Spruytte  Nancy died Dec 20, 2016  Al  Nov 22, 2021

                                                1. Phillip Wayne Spruytte 1971

                                                2. Christy Elizabeth Spruytte 1975

                        3. Irene Frances Brown 1910 Topeka KA + Frank M. Victor 1912                      

                                    1. Robert W Victor 1938 -2017 Topeka KA  + Jo Ann Gillaspie 1937

                                                1. Elizabeth Ann Victor  Ottawa KA 1961  + John Allen Hargrove 1955

                                                            Patricia Joy Hargrove April 9,1993

                                                2. Nancy Louise Victor 1970 Omaha NB + Russell Dunham 1956

                                                                        1. Russell Dunham Jr. Omaha NB  July 12, 2001      

            ]                                                           2. Ashley Ann Dunham Omaha NB July 12, 2001

                                                3. Robert William Victor Jr Topeka KA  1971

                                    2. Frank Ritchie Victor 1942 Overland Park KA + Geraldine Rudd 1942


            5. John Thomas Fredericktown, OH 1859-1949 + Ella Brown + Millie Smith Brown

            6. Addie Maggie Brown Lexington OH  1863- 1865 infant

            7. Edgar Milton Brown Zanesville, OH 1865-1951 see narrative section

                        1. Margaret Brown Heightshoe Zanesville OH 1893-1966 + Walter Emeson Heightshoe

                        2. Junius Edgar Brown Westminster, CA 1897-1973 + Almeda Spenser Coulson Brown

                        3. Ritchie Thompson Brown Zanesville OH 1900-1962 + Thelma Smith Brown

            8. Hugh Maurice Brown Lexington OH   1868-1949 + Nora Steltz Brown

                        1. Lucille Marion Brown Shaw 1898-1949 + Harold Shaw

                                    1. Richard Brown Shaw 1920-1988 + Joann Hayes

                                                1. Richard Brown Shaw II 1947- + Nancy Louise Flowers

                                                            1. Alison Diane Shaw 1973 + Jeromy Chad Bolen

                                                                        1. Robert Amos Bolen 2003

                                                                        2. Monroe Shaw Bolen 2006

                                                                        3. Suzanna Dianne Bolen 2007

                                                            2. Richard Brown Shaw III 1975 + Susan Marie Freytag

                                                                        1. Claire Marie Shaw 2007

                                                                        2. Oliver Brown Shaw 2011

                                                2. Davey Humes Shaw 1949 + Ruth Ann Schichtel

                                                3. Mark Hayes Shaw 1952 + Pamela Kay Webb

                                                            1. Katherine Joann Shaw 1984 + Salvator Oriti

                                                                        1. Kara JoAnn Oriti 2020

                                                4. John Michael Shaw 1956 + Sheryl Iris Nadler

                                                            1. Alex Robert Shaw 1991

                        2. Howard Scott Brown Lexington 1909-1982 + Anna Von Endt Brown

                                    1. Barbara Brown Koons Lexington 1935-2021 + Karl M. Koons

                                                1. Cindy Koons Bendush 1958 Zionsville IN + Brad Bendush

                                                            1. Courtney Bendush Miller 1986 Zionsville IN + Caleb Miller

                                                                        1. Cate Miller 2013 Zionsville IN     

                                                                        2. Claire Miller 2015 Zionsville IN

                                                                        3. Caroline Miller 2017 Zionsville IN

                                                2. Karl Koons 1960 Indianapolis IN + Gina Skelton

                                                            1. Skye Koons 1998 Portland OR

                                                3. Christopher Alan (Koons) Kuntz 1962 Bellevue WA + Alice J Lee

                                                            1. Nicholas Monroe Kuntz 1997 New York, NY

                                                            2. Jonathan Scott Kuntz 1999 Anaheim CA (Chapman U)

                                                            3. Katrina LiAnne Kuntz 2002 Chicago IL (Northwestern U)




                                    2. Linda Brown Mizer (unknown) 1941-2021 + Ron Mizer North Carolina

                                                1. Dereck Mizer Pickerington OH + Amy xxx

                                                            1. Kate Mizer Pickerington OH

                                                            2. Kylee Mizer Pickerington OH

                                                2. Amy Mizer xx + Chris Young Greensboro GA xx

                                                            1. Haylee Young Greensborough GA

                                                            2. McKenna Young Greensborough GA


        9. Charles A. Lexington OH           1870-1951 Sylvia Aungst Brown Mansfield OH

                1.Mable M. Brown Mansfield OH 1898-1968

                2. Clarence Brown Mansfield OH 1901-1963 `   + Helen Bishop McCollough Brown

                                                                        + Helen Florence Brandenberg Brown

There is at least one grandson






William Ritchie Brown (son) was born 3/17/1855 in Lexington on or near the Brown homestead.  He grew up on the homestead and around 1880 age 25 went west to Mitchel Co, Kansas.  He paid 1.25/acre for 160 acres of land south east quarter of section #34 township #7 range #80.  In 1883 his uncle Robert Carson Brown bought a Johnson County farm where he moved and worked, later buying the farm from RCB’s heirs (most likely Mary Gailey) on 5/9/1905. He married Fannie Helene Clinton and they had three children; Roy C (1901), Richie R (1907), and Irene F (1910).  The children grew up on the Olathe homestead. 


Son Ritchie R (1907) lived in the area and owned Brown’s Realty Company


Homesteaders William and Fannie are buried in Olathe Cemetery.



Edgar Milton Brown was born on the Brown homestead in 1865, 6 months after the end of the Civil War. He learned about death at a young age.  His older sister by two years Addie Maggie died of cholera on September 6, just two months before he was born.   He was 4 when his mother Elizabeth Ritchie died hortly after childbirth.  


He was an industrious helper on the farm and must have been a top student.  After high school, he left the farm and went a short journey east to Wooster College.  Then he went to Ohio Medical School in Cincinnati.  He graduated in 1893.   For the next 17 years he practiced in the small town of Amelia, a short distance east of Cincinnati, before moving to Zanesville.  This all occurred during Hugh’s years in Loudonville and Mechanicsburg.


Edgar was a pioneer among the Browns.  This was almost completely a farming family.  His older brothers, Frank Ledlie and William Ritchie, had gone west to Iowa to homestead.  His older brother John Thomas owned a hardware store in Bellville, but returned to the farming life.  His older sister Anne was a farmer as well. He was the first of the Brown’s to become a physician (Charles Gailey Brown was the second).  Edgar was also the first Brown (that I have found so far) who entered politics.


Edgar’s personality comes through clearly in this short letter to his older brother William Ritchie Brown, written in the 1880’s shortly after William had gone west to Iowa in a covered wagon.  It was most likely written in October of 1883, when Edgar was 17 years old.


Lexington O. Oct 5th 1883

Brother William I take my pen in hand to drop you a few lines.

Father received your letter. He wants to know whether you are fixed so you can take care of a good bed or not.  If your are he will send you a good bed if not he will send you one not so good.
What price are apples out there? If you think the freight will not be to
much he will send you a barrel. Apples are not as they
were two years ago do you want any apple butter.
We are all well and hope you are
the same. We have not got all of our corn husked yet. We have got about ten or twelve loads to husk yet.
There has been no one helping them.

I have only husked 3 days and that was on Saturday.  I am still going to school at Lexington. I am writing this at noon.
John Dean is in Wilkenson jewelry store, he has been in there for some time. Father wants you to answer right on soon. You owe me a letter also. Wright soon.

This is all I have time to write 
at present, I don’t know whether you can decipher this or not.

Write soon. Yours Truly From your Brother

Edgar Brown.

The industrious boy who wrote this letter went on to become the Superintendent of the State Institution for the Blind, head of the Muskingum Academy of Medicine, elder of the Central Presbyterian Church in Zanesville, leader of the Zanesville 134th field artillery, member of the Zanesville City Council, President of the Zanesville City Council, president of the Wooster club, and physician for the Muskingum County Infirmary.   In 1926 he considered running for mayor but that did not pan out.


As a physician and city council member, Dr. Brown was a passionate proponent of public health, the health of women and children, and a persistent advocate for clean water. 


Below are newspaper links for Edgar Milton Brown from the Zanesville Times Recorder



1907. Superintendent of state institution for the blind.

                  looks like a four year term; he served 1903-1907.  He was 32 in 1900.

1912 paper “Diseases of Infancy and children”.

                  lists a talk he gave at the Muskingum County Medical Society

1914 head of muskingum academy of medicine

                   describes his election to the position.

1914 injured in a car accident.

                  Accident occurred Friday, January 2. He was admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital and                        stayed at the very least 72 hours.  His injuries were not described.

1914 car accident described in detail

1914 op ed urging vote on water purification

                  Clarification of a poorly worded election choice.  Dr. Brown was very interested in good water for the community.

1914 son appendicitis 

                  When he was 14, his son Ritchie got appendicitis; his condition worsened over 48 hours and he was operated on urgently.  He did fine.

1915 Article with photo, damaged.   

                  Summary article about him, with an excellent photo, worth contacting the newspaper.

1915 talk at Central Presbyterian “clean manhood”.

                  He became an elder and was very involved with the church, in this case part of a program encouraging young men to be part of the church.

1915 Early council qualification

1915 Chair, reelected, Muskingum Academy of Medicine

1915 daughter becomes a librarian

1915  advocates for cleaner water supply to battle typhoid fever

1916 Advertisement with address

1916 Meeting with Charles Gailey Brown uses term ‘brother

1917 city council article favoring bond

1917 visit with Cleland family

1918 Commissioned captain in the medical reserves

1922 134th field artillery organization 1

1923 article about patient who died on way to hospital in EM Browns car

1925 Geist Case 1

1925 Geist case autopsy

1925 Geist case statement

1925 more Geist

1926. Asked to rejoin city council, reference to mayoral run consideration

1927 City Council spending controversy 1

1927 City Council spending controversy 2

1927 city council positions including favors policewoman to diversify force

1929 Named physician for Muskingum County Infirmary

1931 named elder of Central Presbyterian Church

1936 his car burnt

1936 president of Zanesville Wooster club

1937 More Wooster Club

1938  appointed member of city physician service

1938  President of Wooster Club

1939 Lodge of Amity 50 year celebration

1943 County home and jail physician












Children of William Ledlie Brown, undated, likely 1930’s. 

In order: John T, Hugh, Anna, Edgar, and Charles

Hugh is second from left. 

Two siblings are missing; Frank Ledlie Brown, who died in 1915, and William Ritchie Brown, who died in 1926.


Charles Alexander Brown:  Growing up, he was called “Big Charles” to distinguish him from his cousin Charles Gailey Brown, who was 4 years younger.  


Charles Alexander and Hugh owned Brown Brother’s hardware store for well over a decade.  At some point shortly after the turn of the century the brothers sold the store.  Hugh, Nora and their daughter Lucille then moved to Mechanicsburg where Hugh opened a grain elevator.  What Charles did for the next two decades is not known.


In the 1920’s, he became a custodian at the Mansfield hospital, a job he held for several decades.  He appears to have been a reliable and hardworking man. This photograph from the Mansfield News Journal in 1949 shows him on the left sharing a cake celebrating his 80th birthday and many years of service to the hospital, along with one of the doctors who was also turning 80.  The article states:


“The two men were surprised by a large birthday cake, decorated with the numeral ’80’, in the hospital library this morning.  There was no party because both men were busy.”




8 image 1

Charles Alexander Brown (left) 1949





Image:  Mable Melissa Brown, Charles Browns oldest daughter born 1898

8 image 2.jpeg
Brown Farm John T Brown.jpg
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